Chuyện đã qua rồi …

Quên thôi …

Năm tháng sẽ qua đi ,

thời gian rồi sẽ xoá sạch mọi thứ …

Giờ chỉ còn lại mình ta … mình ta với ước mơ

Rock và Ruhm

Quên thôi 🙂

Look around do you see
So many things have changed
And you should know by now
I never meant to hurt you at all
All my life I have been an outcast
But now I’ve been reborn
And I see things so clear

Open your eyes and realize
Hard times are over if you want
Open your mind
Reach for the stars
Answer is there for us to find

Years go by
Never know when it’s too late
Years go by
Yourself you seal your fate
Don’t look the answer from horizon
It’s closer than you think
Years go by, oh how they go by